Copyright and Permission

Copyright Upon submission to BSMMU Journal, the corresponding author of the article is required to consent to the transfer of copyright and assign all rights to the submitted article (along with any revisions or versions) solely to the journal. This transfer grants the journal the authority to print, publish, distribute in all languages and media internationally. The copyright transfer becomes effective once the submitted article is accepted for publication. If the submitted article contains material already protected by prior copyright, the corresponding author must obtain written permission from the copyright holder to reproduce the material in the article, which should be submitted to the journal's editorial office.

The author must also ensure that the article does not violate the privacy rights of any individual(s) or entities, contains no defamatory content, and that all factual statements are accurate and based on sound research. Furthermore, the author must affirm that following any procedure or treatment described in the article would not cause harm if done in accordance with the article's instructions and warnings.

In the event of any breach of these warranties, the corresponding author is liable to compensate the journal for any associated costs, expenses, or damages. Additionally, the corresponding author releases the journal's Editor(s)-in-Chief and the Editorial Board and Team from any legal liability pertaining to statements made in the manuscript, including but not limited to intentional or unintentional errors, omissions, copyright issues, or plagiarism. This release may also extend to third parties as deemed appropriate by the journal.

If the article contains material from other copyrighted sources or includes images or videos in which individuals or other identifiable features are recognizable, the author must inform the journal's Editorial Office during the submission process.

Permission: The author is responsible for obtaining clearance, and if necessary, making payments to obtain permission to reproduce copyrighted material for print and online publication in perpetuity. This may involve dealing with licensing agencies such as DACS or ARS. Written evidence of securing such permissions from the right holders must be provided to the editors. Additionally, the author must include acknowledgments as required by relevant institutions. It is essential to note that obtaining copyright permissions may require some time. For a copyrighted prose work, permission is advised for the use of an extract exceeding 400 words, a series of extracts totaling more than 800 words (with any single extract being more than 300 words), or an extract or series of extracts comprising one-quarter or more of the entire work.

BSMMU Journals' content is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) for open access articles. This license grants unrestricted reading, downloading, copying, and distribution of the published open access articles, subject to the conditions specified in the applied license.